Minutes: committee meeting – Sept 3 2014



J Drayne, J Moore, A George, P Corrigan, R Corrigan, P Canavan, J Flanagan, S Doherty


T O Reilly, J Wilson

  1. The minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted as an accurate account.
  2. Election of assistant secretary to cover for J Mc Lister’s approx 3 month holiday, S Doherty to cover in this role during Jim’s absence.
  3. Jim Drayne stated that J Wilson was not happy with court no 2 repairs. Jim proposes a meeting with council re this and other issues e.g the creep on tennis court times by council usage. P Corrigan has liased with council re development of tennis in council and club and awaits P Mc Closkey’s reply. In response to this a meeting will be requested with the council to summarise clubs achievements and to highlight other issues as above. J Drayne P Corrigan and J Wilson to meet with council.
  4. Web Site Updating; P Corrigan requests liaison with web designers to upgrade various aspects of web site. Paddy will speak to T Mc Ilwrath re this.
  5. A.O.B.
    1. Sheila passes on to committee Tony Mc Ilwrath’s appreciation for sympathy card received by him from committee on the event of his brother in laws death.
    2. The N.T.C. sign is too big. It may be erected at side of pavilion and another sign fit for purpose obtained. The anti-climb paint is in place.
    3. The sub committee responsible for updating the constitution will meet 29/09/14 at 6 45 pm at N.T.C.
    4. R Corrigan stated that she had an email from a parent re junior club play. Information re  this will be posted on web site and notice board at club house.
    5. Ann George to get back to source re club sweaters.
    6. J Moore stated she needed to return entry forms re Autumn/Flood Lit leagues and needs to know of interested members who will play. P Corrigan will put this on Web Site and E. Newsletter to members.
    7. R Corrigan is going to organise a mini tournament for intermediate to advanced players to take place mid to late Oct some Sunday from 10 to 1pm.

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