The Club is planning to run some Doubles Competitions for Seniors very soon, in a format called Box Leagues.
All those wishing to participate are split up into small groups of 4 or 5 pairs of equal skill level, who will compete amongst themselves over a period of a few weeks. This small group of players is called a “box” because the scores are recorded in a grid-like box format. The winning team in a box generally moves up to a more challenging box for the next round of the League, while the losing one moves down to an easier box. New players are inserted at an appropriate level. There will hopefully be several rounds of matches throughout the year.
Players of all levels are welcome and will be separated accordingly. For those members that take part in our League teams this is a great way to try out a different partnership or even just to keep yourself sharp in between competitions! It also has the added benefit for members to meet others that they might not normally come across at Club sessions. This format gives you the chance to be competitive to the very end, and even the losers get points for playing! Hopefully we get a great turnout.
If interested, please respond to this email  by next Monday 20th August, stating your partner, or your request for a partner if you don’t have one. We will have more information soon once all entries are in!

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